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Your full name and nickname : Thomas Weiss aka " beton "

Your country : Bavaria, Germany

Your Homepage : +

Software used by you : Poser4, Bryce 4 + 5, Painter Classic, PaintshopPro 7

Current hardware (CPU, RAM, video card) :  Athlon 1700, 512Megs, G-Force 2 GTS

How did you get into CG and when ? : I was searching the web for stereoscopic 3D pictures and found pictures of Poser characters. This was over 3 years ago and since that time I am " in love " with computerart. Before that time I have painted with Oil, Airbrush, Pencils, etc.

Does art play a role in your job? :
Art is very important in every job I think.

What other form of art do you do beside CG? :   From time to time I paint portraits of people with airbrush. I am also a very good " artist " in drinking very fine scotch malt wiskeys ! *grin* And after that.. I am a very good singer too ! :-)



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