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Your full name and nickname : Kees Roobol, nick = roobol

Your country : Belgium

Your Homepage :

Software used by you : Bryce 5, Painter 7, RayDream 4, Photoshop 4 (also Photoshop 5LE)

Current hardware (CPU, RAM, video card) :  
iMac, 600 MHz, 384 MB, no video card but built in 8 MB video ram on motherboard (AFAIK), Wacom Intuos II, Olympus E10 digital camera.

How did you get into CG and when ? : Started with CG in 1986, MacPaint on a Mac+, more serious since 1996, with Painter 1, Bryce 1 and Poser 1

Does art play a role in your job? :
My job is unrelated to art, in daily life I'm a research scientist in a pharmaceutical company.

What other form of art do you do beside CG? :   Other art forms for the moment are photography and pencil drawings.



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