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Your full name and nickname : Rolf Hilger (called RoHi).

Your Country : Germany

Your Homepage :
RoHi at Renderosity

Software used by you : I just love the things you can do with BRYCE - VUE - PHOTOSHOP - PICTURE PUBLISHER - DOGWAFFLE and all the FILTERS - I never stop learning !

Current hardware (CPU, RAM, video card) :  
Compaq Presario 1100 / 256 Ram + Aiptek Graphic Tablet. Video card? I don't remember.

How did you get into CG and when ? : I started doing Computer Graphics two years ago (2001) - I am fascinated by all the things you can do with the computer.

Does art play a role in your job? :
No, not really...I'm an Optician.

What other form of art do you do beside CG? :   I nearly tried everything water colour - oil painting - drawing ....

If you are interested in reading a little more about me, I am proud to say I was the artist of the month on Renderosity, December 2002 http//



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