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Quantika - Site Moderator  

Your full name and nickname: Giovanni M. Vittadini (nickname: Quantika)

Your homepage (if you have one):

Your country: Italy

Softwares used by you: Cinema 4D, Photoshop CS,  Premiere Pro, plus a variety of additional tools.

Current hardware(CPU, RAM, video card): Athlon XP 3000+ Desktop PC with 1,5 Gb Ram, Windows XP Pro, Nvidia bus and chipset.

Profile : Started computing in 1978 on an Apple II Pc. Worked in Apple Computer as an external partner for 4 years. Pascal programmer for years moved to 2D Graphics and Desktop Publishing in early 90's. Discovered 3D with Bryce 2 in 1999. Working professionally as a Multimedia Content Creator for his own Company.

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