Exclusive Interview with

Shane Caudle

Karin Eszterhás


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Welcome to Digital Artworks Shane and thanks for your time.
Would you please present yourself?

SC: My name is Shane Caudle (born 1972), I currently live in Raleigh North Carolina.

DA: What is your profession?

SC: I work full time as Art Director for Epic Games. I have been at Epic for about 9 years.At Epic, I have worked on Unreal, the Unreal Addon, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament PS2, Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal Championship.

DA: For how long time have you been doing CG?

SC: I have been doing Art as a living since I was a 17. I've been doing CG for about 13 years. I started out airbrushing when I was about 12 just for fun, I did a lot of murals, portraits, shirts, etc, then I got a job Airbrushing in the Birmingham Galleria, one of the biggest malls in the south.
After that I got a job at a company called Animotion, where I was introduced to CG. We did CDRom demos for companies like Samsung and Sony etc. Then a friend of mine and I started a company called Rival Productions, where we did a full color comic book called Eye of the Storm. We did a mix of 3D rendered backgrounds, with hand painted characters, it was a lot of fun and I got a lot of experience with CG there. During this time, at nights we would deathmatch games like Doom Hexen, Heritc, Quake etc. I started making levels for the games we were playing for fun, and started making a total conversion of Quake, and put up a web page for it. Within a 2 weeks, to my surprise, I had like 6 job offers from major game companies. Tim Sweeney from Epic Games saw my stuff and wanted to see what I could do with the Unreal Engine, so the sent me the stuff, and in a few days I sent them a level. They offered me a job, and I decided to take it, because I really liked Epics tools. What's really cool is, now I get to design them.

DA: You're very talented, I'll just sneak in one of my favourites here: http://www.planetshane.com/Paintings/Brock.htm
If you should decribe your art, what would you call the genre?

SC: I do all kinds of art, but most of my work is game related, characters, levels, textures etc.

DA: Do you have everything clear in your mind like lights, textures, colors and so on when you start an image?

SC: Sometimes I do, but most of the time it evolves is an evolutionary process. I'll add something, and that will give me new ideas for other things to add.

DA: Please tell me where your ideas come from, and how is your working process?

SC: I get ideas from all over the place, as I'm sure all artists do. Things I see in the real world, Interesting movies, other artwork, and of course from my own imagination.
As for my working process, it changes depending on what I'm working on.

For a portrait, I usually start real rough loosely sketching the overall shapes of everything, making sure the proportions are right, then I start adding in all the darker shadowed areas. then I go in and start the detailing by doing the eyes first. I think you get a feel for the image early on by doing the eyes first. I will then start refining the shading, adding in more details like the in the lips, ears, nose. Lastly I do the hair to finish it off.

Here is one I did of Angelina Jolie, this is from looking at a pic of her in Maxim Magazine. http://www.planetshane.com/Paintings/Angelina.htm

You can see some of my other work at
planetshane.com most of this is older work, as I can't post my current work because of non disclosure agreements etc. It is mostly for a un announced game we are currently working on.

DA: Are you inspired and influenced by other artist's (living or dead) work? Do you i. e. have a favorite artist?

SC: Doug Chiand, Craig Mullins, Syd Mead.

DA: It seems to me that you are working with many different softwares ... which ones are you using?

SC: Here are the main ones I use...

3DMax 6 - Been using it since version 1.
DeepPaint 3D
Photoshop 8 (aka Photoshop CS) - Been using it since version 1.
Painter 8 - Been using it since version 1.
All our custom tools, UnrealEd etc.
Lots more...

DA: I'm sure it will be of interest to our readers to know about your computer system ?

SC: I have a Duel Xeon 3 Ghz ,4 gigs of ram, 500 Gigs of hard drive space, Radeon 9800Xt 256 meg video card, Duel 21 inch monitors.

DA: On behalf of Digital Artworks thank you for this interview ... and I wish you luck with your excellent artwork in the future.

SC: Thank you!

For Digital Artworks
Karin Eszterhás
January 2004

Please visit Shane Caudle's Gallery here: http://www.planetshane.com