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Your full name and nickname: Stefan Matthias Schmidt (nickname: SMS)

Your homepage (if you have one):

Your country: Hamburg, Germany

Softwares used by you: LightWave, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Cubase and Spark.

Current hardware(CPU, RAM, video card): PowerMac G4/450 with 896 MB RAM and 1,3 GHz PC with 1,3 GB RAM

How did you get into CG and when? : Actually by playing keyboards and arranging songs on a computer which brought me into contact with a music software company. I designed my first graphic user interface for them. I guess this was in 1986, not really sure about it. After designing more and more interfaces I decided to make it into my profession and went to a graphic school. During my studies I started using Infini-D. Later on I switched to LightWave to become more professional. Today I am working as a freelancer, specialized in graphic user interfaces and 3D, working for music companies as well as for other clients

Does art play a role in your job? :  Yes, certainly. I am a Graphic Designer and art is part of my life. It's my most valuable source of inspiration.

What other form of art do you beside CG?  : Whenever I find the time I make music. I play keyboards and occasionally compose songs on the computer. Often, when I am travelling, I grab my sketchbook and do drawings. Also, I make a lot of photography with my old Canon AE-1 to remind me of the ideas and inspirations that spring to my mind while I am travelling.


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