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marben - Site Moderator  

Your full name and nickname: Marcello Benatti (nickname: marben)

Your homepage (if you have one): Artwork

Your country: Italy

Softwares used by you: 3DS Max, Maya, Vue D'Esprit, Bryce 5, PovRay, Photoshop,Poser, Painter, Dreamweaver, Front Page, Xara, Home Site, Music Studio Generator and a variety of tools and add-ons.

Current hardware(CPU, RAM, video card): 1,2 Gigs Athlon Thunderbird, 512 Mb Ram, 40+40 Gb Hard Disks, Matrox G 450 Video Card.

Profile : Started  3D with PovRay  in 1998, advanced Amateur interested in any Graphics concerned PC Application. Likes to Discover and experiment new techniques, especially, but not limited to 2D, 3D, Fractals,Web Design and Multimedia in general. College Graduated with specializations in neurosciences, psychology and philosophy. Mainly Interested into : philosophy of Science and Logic, philosophy of language and aesthetics, philosophy of mind and knowledge theory, neuropsychophisiology, artificial intelligence and cognitive science, theoretical physics and cosmology, biology and genetics. Entepreneur from 1981 to 1997, works since '97 in Financial and Investments.

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