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Nitro115 - ProFiles Moderator  

Your full name and nickname: Ferenc J. Haraszti (nitro115).

Your homepage (if you have one):

Your country: USA

Softwares used by you: 3DS Max, finalRender, Photoshop, Painter, Bryce.

Current hardware(CPU, RAM, video card): Dual Athlon 1900+, 1Gig RAM, Elsa Gloria III/64 graphics card, 2 x 40GB 7200rpm ATA100.

Profile : Started CG about 3 years ago with Bryce3D and about 1.5 yr ago stepped up to 3D Studio Max. I did all kind of pictures and took me about 2years to figure out  what I was really interested in. And now I have no doubt about that it's architecture and just getting into some human portrait modeling as well. My job has nothing to do with graphics, it's my hobby only. Otherwise I work for the University of North Carolina as a maintenance technician.

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